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Sha Be Allah
May 16, 2018


Fall River, MA dweller, Sinical, really places the beauty of overcoming the struggles of life with his release single “Dreams” featuring veteran emcee Termanology. As they reminisce on the list of pinnacles that they have aimed for, both of the artists create a fascinating delivery over a sample of Biggie’s hit record “Juicy.”

The duo partnered with Producer 1st official, who’s also a Boston native, to create an innovative sound that represents the elegance of Massachusetts. The Myster DL Films directed visual captures breath taking views of Lowell, MA, and is just a glimpse of what he has in store. Intertwining scenes really keep your eyes glued to the crisp visual that illustrates the struggling situations they have had to overcome. ”Dreams” is just a taste off of Sinical’s forthcoming album.

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