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“They Think They Know” (feat. Slaine)

April 7, 2018


Rising lyricist Sinical continues his recent run of standout singles with a thought-provoking new joint, “They Think They Know,” featuring underground rap stalwart and fellow Massachusetts native, Slaine.

The two make for a brilliant collaboration not just because of their shared homestate—Sinical hails from Fall River while Slaine calls Boston home—but because of their shared passion for the craft. Slaine actually kicks off the track, which is a piano-laced burner produced by Flip Jackson (Joyner Lucas, Termanology), with gruff self-assurances about being an O.G. in the game. Even so, he can’t seem to shake the foolish “chatterboxes” out there trying to pull him down.

It’s a fitting sentiment for Slaine to drive home, because Sinical also makes it clear that he too struggles with bouts of inner conflict. Sin goes one step further than his collaborator as he delivers bars like: “I don’t understand the reason I breathe on this earth/ When all my dreams seem to lead me to evil and curse.”  It’s nothing short of relatable for anyone who’s thought less of themselves, and it also shows that you’re not alone.

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