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Emerging hip-hop artist Sinical is back

with another emotionally raw release

 “It Don’t Hurt Me”

Notion Staff
February 20, 2023


Ambitious up-and-coming rapper Sinical is back with his sophomore single of the year, “It Don’t Hurt Me”. A powerful release with emotionally raw lyrics, throughout this track the rapper combines smooth beats with honest storytelling.


Discovering a love for music at a very young age, Sinical quickly took to an eclectic range of artists such as LL COOL J, Madonna, Ice-T, Meat Loaf and many more. Throughout his music, the artist spits from his heart, with each project lyrically challenging topics of the hardships he’s had to overcome throughout his life. Mixing raw lyricism with minimal beats and angelic harmonies, Sinical’s brand-new release “It Don’t Hurt Me” is an introspective track heightening the artist’s captivating storytelling skills.


Speaking about life and creating music, Sinical says: “Life is all or nothing. I’m constantly analysing outcomes and planning for each scenario. My level of consciousness elevates daily and I’m well aware of the probability of success in this industry. The tattoo on my neck reminds me who I was, who I am and who never to be again. I love creating music and all the background noise that goes into releasing a record. Without this feeling, I’m empty, I’m not me”.

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