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My life

I roll out of my bed and I thank the Lord
Even if I don't believe I'm still thankful for
All this pain and my struggle allow me to shake it off
And these wildin' bitches tellin me to break em off
I tell her baby you're beautiful with your makeup off
And what ya man don't appreciate is a major loss
These pin up models in magainzes what you base it off
It's a reflection of self and your breakin heart
I play the part of a strong man but I'm weak inside
And these fuckin flaws I'm tryna leave behind
I know I gotta couple issues but I'm redefined
I got this girl in my life it's like she can read my mind
Uh, I told her I love her she understand
My heart break I know that she love another man
I'm tryna keep it movin only cause I know I need to
I flip the pages of life not knowin where it leads to
This what it feel like when you statin over
And you cuttin me out ya life far from closure
Thoughts a nova explosion inside a galaxy
And in my dreams expose who I'd rather be
It's been habbit for you to act like ya mad at me
When my words are a euphemism analogy
For all this pain and the hurt that you fuckin caused me
And be thankful I answer now when you call me
You ain't innocent not at all
And when I ask about him you say you not involved
I ain't gon sit here while you try and cheat
Don't tell me what you love me through them lyin teeth
Yeah, motha fuckas get it poppin tho
My minds a weapon on this record lock and load
That's what it sound like when my thoughts explode
I try to keep it to myself rather than spots get blown
I'm from a motha fuckin block thats known
Fall River in my city I walk alone
I don't talk a lot when none of ya'll can see the vision
I spend too much time preachin you need to listen
This life I don't understand it
I rathrer be blind than face what I been fuckin handed
Cause I been undermined a million times
And in my mind that's all I visualize
I'm just tryna get my shit together
In this endeavour you tell nothin depict the never
You tell ma to tell pop that I said whatever
Cause we cool if you abuse it then goodbye forever
The propher said that I'd prosper into a Nostradamus
I'm not a God by any means but don't knock the progress
I been sittin in this lonely cell
Only tell stories of tomorrow but I know them now
What is the motive now focused and I've grown as well
Used to be a stick up kid who played the corner sales
I was born to shine boarderline of gettin signed
More to life the second time sort of like I'm next in line
But the pressure I'm facin has got me left behind
What's the message huh tell me cause the rest are blind
Yeah, I don't think you understand the language
And this fuckin anger ragin as I touch the pages
What is the ultimatum when evil is so contagious
I see you haters keep clockin me like I'm overrated
I draw a painting depicted of all the sorrow fading
And envision the day that I tell my mom I made it

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