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Let's take em back
The game that I grew up in a lifetime
Used to skip class just to write rhymes
Other rappers think they nice but ain't like mine
Told my mother I'mma blow at the right time
I been on my grind rap since middle school
Laughed at ridiculed black tat Sinical
Backpack wit a snapback literal
Listen while I paint an abstract visual
I remember being mad stressed
Sleepin wit no matress down to my last check
I would asked God if it's my time that it's a fast death
If not tell me what's my path next
Gotta thang for a Spanish chick that's it
Know that one day my son will bе have mixed
Ha, got me thinkin bout this rap shit
I need to makе a motha fuckin milly before that shit
A lot of fans lookin up and I won't let em' down
Said that I'd amount to nothin who you tryna lecture now
When they kicked me out nothin was harder to see
Look ma I got a college degree
I'm not polished and clean with a cardigan tee
But I'm smarter than meets the eye and spit hottter on beats
Eat this shit up and let it rot in ya teeth
Why you whip an X5 when you got it on lease
Never claimed to be hard in the streets
Mention my name and it's porbably beef
Let me pick your brain like a lobotomy see
Till ya motha fuckin arteries bleed I'm out of ya league

It's ya boy son
Summer 17
Name another rapper that's hotter than me

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